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Vitamin M Pill



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Here’s how this fun trick works!

Place the large Vitamin M Pill on your outstretched palm… The Vitamin M Pill RISES & LOWERS on command (you can even hand it out for examination).

The Vitamin M Pill is entirely self-contained. There is no preparation, no threads, no wax, wires, or anything else attached to the hand. It’s all within the capsule.

All the gags are included, such as when the Pill lowers: “Got to be careful I could get drowsey.” Hang the Vitamin M Pill over the edge of your fingertips: “It can also make you a little edgy.” Finally: “This isn’t really a Vitamin M Pill, it’s actually PEN-icillin.” Open the Pill to reveal a real ballpoint pen inside! This has also been called the Pill Trick & an earlier version no longer available called The Sleeping Pill.

Comes in a plastic Bag with instructions

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