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Titan’s Finger (Twist)




The Finest Finger Freakout to Date … (or to just hold hands) Titanas has created an exquisitely weird method for twisting your finger into a position that no finger has ever gone before! There’s NOTHING in your hands but your own skin. And yet… You grasp one of your own fingers, muster up your courage, then give the finger a hard, forceful twist. There’s an icky bone-popping “snap”…and your freakishly twisted finger is now completely backwards! You’ve got to watch the demo to experience the full power of this moment. IT’S A VISUAL PIECE OF STRANGE OF THE HIGHEST ORDER. To end the one-finger freak show, you untwist back to normal. And since there was never anything else in your hands; your audience is free to poke and prod any of your fingers as they commune with the mystery. * EASY AND PAINLESS * NO PALMING, NO PULLS, NOTHING TO GET RID OF. * YOU END COMPLETELY CLEAN. * WORKS WITH SMALL AND LARGE FINGERS OF ANY SKIN TONE. * PRACTICAL AND ANGLE PROOF FOR ALL NORMAL… * AND MOST ABNORMAL SITUATIONS. Titanas’ improbably twisted method for this is truly a thing of freaky beauty. Complete with custom gimmick engineered by Mark Allen and DVD.


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