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The Vanishing Nickle “Fickle Nickel”

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This is as close to real magic you can get! This is the coin trick that Siegfried (of Siegfried and Roy) performed on the Worlds Greatest Magicians nationwide television show. It was also presented by Doug Henning on one of his specials. In effect, while working in short sleeves, you remove a coin from your pocket and place it in your open left hand. The fingers now slowly close. The back and front of the a hand are freely shown. Then you slowly open you hand and the coin is gone! With you fingers spread wide apart, you proceed to slowly show both front and back of the hand. Close your hand again and when you reopen you hand the coin is back. When John Cornelius first showed this at a Magic convention it fooled every Magician including Dai Vernon. The best thing about the Fickle Nickle is that it is done without sleight of hand! Comes with instructions and gimmick.


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