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The Ends by Nathan Kranzo

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The Big Push The cards move so fast that they lose their color…..with a very cool surprise ending. Check Please A check turns into cold hard cash. Fire and money. What more can you ask for? Cap Pocket or #@%$# Revisited A signed selection ends up folded and clipped to the pen that it was signed with. BUT the spectator gets to take it out of the clip AND unfold it! Breath Freshener Gag A package of breath mints visually transforms into a bottle of breath spray. An explosion of icy cool breath. Hot Coin A borrowed coin begins to emit heat and smoke from your clenched fist. It is then handed back in a bent condition. Low Tide A quick coin production sequence that gets them involved with the magic. Coins Thru Pocket Three silver dollars are dropped into your pocket one at a time. Instantly all three are plucked thru the fabric one at a time. Too Much Coffee While stirring a cup of coffe you let go of the straw/stirrer (or spoon) and it continues to stir. With a snap of your fingers it stops, and starts again on your command. Tornado Straw You shove your straw through the bottom of your cup. It starts dribbling after you pull the straw out the bottom of the cup. A quick wipe of the cups bottom, reinsert the straw (thru the TOP of the cup this time!) and all is restored. (originally appeared in Channel One magazine) Nine fully explained routines!!! This PDF will teach you all nine effects in great detail. These are hard hitting effects that were created and tested in front of real paying customers “in the trenches” if you will. You can’t go wrong!


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