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Scotch and Soda

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This item sells for as much as $30.00 in magic shops, now is your chance to own it at an un-heard of price. This is the World’s Greatest No-Skill Coin Trick! It’s a truly magnificant trick and the most requested coin effect we offer… and for good reason. This precision trick will make someone who has never performed a magic trick before, look like a sleight-of-hand professional in seconds. You show two coins, a English Penny and a silver Half Dollar. You place both coins plainly in the spectator’s palm. Now you ask the spectator to place both his hands behind his back and to put one coin into each hand. Next, you make a wager that the spectator cannot hand you the smaller of the two coins, the English Penny. The spectator figures he has you nailed, so out pops his hand with what he thinks is the Penny, only to discover it’s a Quarter and in his other hand he discovers the Half Dollar! He loses the bet… You win every time. What happened to the English Penny? It’s wherever you want it to be…in your pocket…in the spectator’s pocket…under a book across the room, wherever you please. By now, the spectator is begging to know how you did it! Remember, absolutely no sleight-of-hand of any kind – no palming – no stealing – the coins do all the work and you get all the glory! The coins can even be examined. The coins are always ready to perform and made to last a lifetime. What You Get * The secret * Very easy instructions * Specially milled coins * The ability to perform this classic coin magic trick that will blow your spectators away for years to come.


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