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Plastic Cash Improved




Dan Garrett and Allen Owens’ PLASTIC CASH-IMPROVED WARNING: PLASTIC CASH HAS SUCH A POWERFUL IMPACT ON AUDIENCES THAT IT WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU TO FOLLOW IT WITH ANOTHER EFFECT! Here’s what the spectator actually does. He removes his own dollar bill from his pocket and tears it in half. He retains one half and actually burns the remaining half bill. You don’t even touch it. As the dying of burning green reflect in his eyes, you propose to restore the consumed currency to its original form. Tongue-in-cheek you promise to reimburse him for fifty cents if you fail. The audience now believes your original claim to be false. Yet through some devilish twist of the macabre you remove from your wallet, among your credit cards, a half dollar bill LAMINATED IN PLASTIC. The serial number of the laminated bill matches the spectator’s other half. But wait, oh Sage, the TEAR matches perfectly as well. It is without a doubt the matching half. But the spectator burned it himself! Illustrated booklet of instructions and all necessary materials are included.


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