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Mad Mojo Book by Andrew Mayne


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This is the fourth of magic effects by Andrew Mayne. Where his first two books dealt with illusions on a large scale, this book is all about magic on a more intimate level. While many of the effects here can be done on stage, some of them fit equally well in the living room, nightclub, or even the beach.

Part of the fun of being a magician is being able to create a miracle anytime anywhere. Andrew said, “Part of the fun in this book is sharing with you some of favorite impromptu, almost impromptu, and impromptu looking effects. Changing wads of paper into paper airplanes, using a towel to make your head vanish, or convincing your friends that you’re a vampire aren’t things that are going to necessarily make the world a better place.”

Also amongst the effects in this book are a few ‘gags.’ While purists might argue that they don’t have any place in a serious magic book, the author has this to say; “This ain’t a serious magic book.” Andrew also points out that a gag done for a quick if not cheap laugh has just as much value as a serious effect involving countless hours of rehearsal.

This book has a number of effects that are explained in a very easy way technically. That is to say that the author has tried to offer the easiest way to accomplish the effect rather than a more complicated method that might be more deceptive. His reasoning behind this is that if your skilled enough to come up with a better, more challenging way to get the same result, you’ll find a way to do so. On the other hand if you don’t posses that kind of skill, you’ll still be able to perform the effects in this book the way they are described. Andrew says, “Id hate to write a book that was full of good ideas that were too complicated for anyone to do. Yeah, I’m probably bucking the trend but if I put it into print, damn it, I like to see people performing it.”