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Levitator DVD




Andrew Mayne, creator of Illusion EFX and Gut Buster, presents a new DVD dedicated to the art of levitation. Including five levitations for the stage and street; Andrew teaches practical methods for defying gravity that will leave your audiences spellbound. The levitations featured on the DVD include: Levitator – Stand on a chair and float several feet off the floor, to the side and then glide gently to the ground. UP – A baffling effect where you float up to a chair and back down making the audience wonder if you levitated or slowed down time. Makes a great emcee bit. Flight – Put on a cape and float in the air like a superhero. The Anti-Gravity Machine – An impromptu effect using a sheet of newspaper you can perform at a party to convince your friends you know an arcane science secret that allows you to defy gravity. Ultimate Levitation – An easy to build stage illusion that allows you to openly levitate without any cover. B In this DVD Andrew shows his favorite methods for levitating in a variety of situations from the street to the stage and everywhere in between. Running Time Approximately 45 min


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