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Karate Coin Half Dollar

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This is a new exciting version of a classic coin effect. A normal half-dollar is handed out to someone to inspect. The magician holds the half cleanly at the tips of his left hand. The spectator is told that this is not a magic trick, instead it is a display of skill and strength. The spectator is asked to choose head or tales. After a few moments of adjusting, and a few practice tosses, the magi throws the coin up into The air and with his right hand pierces the coin. After a few seconds to recover from the pain, the magician shows both sides of his right hand and with his left hand he removes the pierced coin. The pierced coin reveals the spectator’s choice, head or tail. Ed makes each one of these coins by hand, therefore no two are alike. As you can see from the picture the coin has impact! We know you will enjoy this effect and it will become one of the standards that you carry around with you.


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