Gregory Wilson In Action Vol #1 DVD




Effect The Backstage Pass – This has been Greg’s secret weapon for fooling the very best magicians all over the world. No flash. No noise. No detection. Body Piercing – A coin penetrates your hand and then the spectator’s hand in a very surprising way. You have to experience this “first hand!” Weighted Aces – Greg’s logically routined version of Doc Daley’s Last Trick. Since it happens in the spectator’s hand, it has the impact of sponge balls! The Tell – A peeked card with a compelling “poker tell” presentation. Pitch & Ditch – Toss any coin and it morphs into another coin in mid-air. Plus: -Jumping Gemini -Coin in Watch -Band Thru Wrist -Fistful of Dollars -Reset with a Hook -Box Spring -Card to Pocket -Hundy 500 (performance only)


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