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Ghost Ink DVD by Andrew Mayne




Ghost Ink by Andrew Mayne – DVD Presenting an incredible way to perform visual magic with writing and tattoos that appear and vanish on your skin. Start and end totally clean. Begin with everything you need in your wallet or deck of cards. Gypsy Curse – A tattoo of a chosen card appears before your audience’s eyes. Secret Seal – Make a copy of a seal from a borrowed bill on your palm. Revelation – A totally freely selected word appears on your arm. Infection – A contagious card gives you spots. Tattoo of Fire – Burn a tattoo into your skin. Ace – A flashy tattoo appearance. Barcode – A product barcode jumps to your skin. Heart Effect – Move a tattoo on your arm to a card. Human Silly Putty – Transfer an image to your skin. iTattoo – The icons on an iPhone vanish and reappear on your body. Syntax – A thought of word appears on your arm. Self Promotion – Make a copy of your business card on your skin. Running Time Approximately 50min


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