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Dove Pan (Double Load)




You display an empty pan. You cover the pan with the lid and when it’s removed the pan is filled with your choice of productions. Empty the pan out and recover the pan….instantly it’s filled a second time! This all around magic utility device can be used to change corn kernels to real popcorn, produce a dove form nowhere, magically bake a cake, and much more. The double load feature is a nice bonus, but does not always need to be used. A real winner that will provide years of enjoyment! Produced in highly polished aluminum and rests on ball like supports. Flowers not included. Sells in Magic Shops up to $50 The Dove Pan Stands about 6 inches Tall. The Dove Pan is about 8 inches wide. The Load Pan is about 1 1/2 inches deep. The Load Pan is about 7 inches wide.


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