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Cube Squared

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Cube Squared is a human square circle with endless performance possibilities! Dimensions fully set up: 36″ by 36″ by 36″ (largest cube) 34″ by 34″ by 34″ (red cube) 31″ by 31″ by 31″ (hidden cube – load space) Dimensions in bag: 14″ by 16″ by 4″ Weight: About 6 pounds Here are just some of the exciting features: 1) Sets up in literally seconds and packs small enough to fit into a brief case! 2) Weighs practically nothing. 3) Can be performed surrounded. 4) No need for an assistant! 5) Can be used to produce large objects. 6) Extremely easy to learn and teach others. 7) Comes with a drop cloth so it can be performed almost anywhere. 8) The load cube has a rip-away top/bottom so that the cube can be lifted to be shown empty with balloons, beach balls, silks or other light objects in it. Or, if you have people above you, the rip-away top can be used to conceal your load. 9 ) Specially designed to be compatible with Victory Cubes. This means instead of the red cube you could use a present cube or shipping crate or basic dice from the classic Victory Cubes. This opens a world of opportunities for more routines or means you can have incredible matching stage decorations for your illusion and it all still fits under the seat of your car! The basic performance idea is to show the two cubes empty and then produce a person or large objects using the square circle method. Brian Scott, a California based magician, has created a fantastic routine talking about the advanced technology of shipping where a ball of fabric can be popped open and all the contents you need for your vacation can be shipped right to where you are going. It is fantastic and will be explained in detail on the DVD but it doesn’t stop there: Just imagine being able to teleport large objects across the stage using two sets, make the birthday boy appear, make a dozen beach balls appear, produce all the balloons for twisting animals in a snap, make a library cart filled with all the magic books appear, make your entire show appear, and so on. Cube Squared will come with three pop-open cubes, a drop cloth, a carrying bag, an instructional DVD, a full color booklet with performance ideas, and a certificate of authenticity. ONLY $695 No longer made!



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