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Color Changing Plume 3 in 1




This items sells for as much as $30.00 in magic shops around the country, now is your chance to own it at this un-heard of low price. This is a cute little feather item that is very easy to do, and is very compact to transport. You show three Yellow colored feather plumes and a piece of paper. You roll up the paper to form a tube. As you pass the plume through the tube, the plumes change color. Unlike in the color changing feather trick, you can open the paper at any time. There is no shell to hide or get rid of. You can also change the color of the plumes by passing it under a hanky or do the change behind your back. As an variation in the presentation, you take a Yellow color plume and rub with a RED hanky or a silk and the plume changes color to RED. The YELLOW color plumes can be changed to RED, GREEN and BLUE.


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