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Coin in Flight with DVD

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A brass coin box resembling a large brass nut is removed from a velvet bag. In the center of the nut is a hole the spectator can visually see through. Three Quarters are placed in the coin box. The Quarters are ungimmicked and may be marked if desired. The coin box with the Quarters is openly placed on the table. An ungimmicked cup, which may be borrowed, is tipped forward and the coin box and the Quarters are removed and placed on the velvet bag.

The magician states he can cause the Quarters to travel from point A (THE BAG) to point B (UNDER THE CUP). At this point the spectator can still see the Quarters in the coin box on the velvet bag. The magician rubs the top of the coin box with his fingers. The Quarters INSTANTLY VANISH! With empty hands, the magician lifts the cup and seen sitting there are the very same Quarters. Spectator can lift up the cup him or her self! All props may be handed out for examination.