Candle Thru Arm

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A handsome cylinder is pushed over a spectators arm. Then, a long, white lighted candle is pushed through the center of the cylinder and apparently right through the person’s arm! It looks very weird as the candle is slowly pushed through. The flame goes out of sight and then emerges from the top of the tube, still lit! It is a beautiful and baffling effect. Comes complete with decorated cylinder. 

Very easy to perform and completely safe. Comes complete with candle, tube and detailed instructions. Can also be used on one’s own arm as in the picture.


We at Magician’s Gallery emphasize to all prospective purchasers that FIRE TRICKS  are NOT FOR CHILDREN! We do not knowingly sell  fire items to children. We recommend these items only to be used by professional magicians. We have no control once the item leaves our premises. Therefore we accept no responsibility for their use or misuse. You must be l8 years old to buy this Trick.